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Specialized farms in Saskatchewan grow different crops or raise different livestock compared to most other farms. Some examples of what these farms grow are wild rice, berries, potatoes, and herbs and spices.

This illustrated potato farm has rows of potatoes with a farmhouse in the background. A crop sprayer has its booms out and is ready to spray.

This potato farm is managing weeds with a crop sprayer.

Year at a Glance

Farmers are busy planting the seeds of different crops in the spring. Some of the farmers seed by hand if they are a small farm. Farms such as berry farms do not need to replant their crops every year because the plants are still there from past years. These farms have to maintain the fruit bushes and trees by pruning and fertilizing them.

A close-up of a red apple hangs from a tree on an apple farm.

Apple trees produce apples each year without having to be replanted yearly.

A close-up of a pumpkin sits in a pumpkin patch with other pumpkins in the background.
Many pumpkin farms let you pick your own pumpkins.
A wagon full of crates of pumpkins sits in a field.
Other pumpkin farms load up the pumpkins and sell them in grocery stores or at farmers’ markets.
A close-up of a raspberry hanging off of a bush.
Many raspberry farms let you pick the fruit.
Several containers of raspberries sit on a shelf.
Other raspberry farms load up the raspberries and sell them in grocery stores or at farmers’ markets.
A variety of vegetables including peppers, tomatoes, and radishes are being sold at a farmers’ market with a chalkboard sign in the background with notes on it about what the farmer sells.
Many specialized farms sell their goods at a farmers’ market.
A woman walks through a farmers’ market, looking at different stalls of fruit and vegetables.
Farmers’ markets are a popular spot for people to buy high-quality food and are located in nearly every town and city.

Before winter comes, some of the crops may need covering to protect them from winter weather. Sometimes a pesticide needs to be sprayed in the fall to protect the crops from animals such as deer and mice.

The winter is a good time to explore new varieties of crops and plan for the year coming ahead.

An illustrated farm family with a mom, dad, and three kids stand next to their booth at the Farmers’ Market. Their booth is full of vegetables and has a young woman with an apron is working behind it.

Farmers have to plan for the year ahead and decide what products they will be growing, where they are going to sell them, and other major business decisions over the winter.