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National Trade


Canada has traded goods across this country for as long as Canada has existed and even before then. When goods are traded within a country, it is called national trade. Many products are traded across Canada today. Different provinces are richer than others in different resources so each province trades products that they have an abundance of or that they can grow in that region.

A green plant is thriving in a cracked dry brown soil.

These are the top products produced in Saskatchewan and sold nationally and internationally.


Back when everything had to be moved by horse and wagon, most goods could not travel far to be traded unless they could be preserved very well and were easy to move. As technology improved, goods could be moved more easily across the country and national trade increased. Now we have the technology to move fish and other fresh foods across the country in just a few days and still have the food be fresh when it arrives.

This vegetable isle at the grocery store has a variety of vegetables including peppers, cucumbers, cabbage, broccoli, lettuce, and herbs.

Food can be shipped to grocery stores around the country and still have the food be fresh when it arrives thanks to today’s technology.

Learn more about why the shipping of products is important for national trading within Canada.


Saskatchewan grows a lot of the wheat and canola that is used all over the country to make a variety of foods, canola oil, and livestock feed. Saskatchewan is also the world’s largest producer of potash, which is used as a fertilizer to provide plants with an essential nutrient they need to grow. Potash is used to help farmers grow healthy plants all over the country and the world.

An aerial view of a potash mine in Saskatchewan is shown with many buildings. There is also a railway coming into the mine with a train on it.

This is a potash mine in Saskatchewan that extracts potash, which is used to fertilize plants.

Different maple syrup products are lined up on a grocery store shelf.

Canada’s top agriculture products are beef, canola, poultry, maple syrup, and cattle.