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The weather can change many things for grain farmers. Too much rain can cause the crop to be flooded and too little rain will cause a drought. Plants have a hard time surviving through floods and droughts. A storm can bring strong winds and hail, which will damage crops.

Farmers cannot control the weather. But if a farmer loses their crop they can lose a lot of money! Luckily farmers can purchase crop insurance so they can get some income if they cannot harvest a crop.

Many crop sheaves are bent and have been ruined after hail hit.  The hail stones have piled up in areas of the field.

A hailstorm has ruined this crop.

Rain water pools in a field, causing crop damage with dark storm clouds above.

Floods hurt crops.

The topsoil of a field that hasn’t had enough water is shown. There are a few plants that are withering and cracks in the dirt.

Drought hurts crops. 

An air drill and tank are stuck in a field full of mud.

Weather can also make doing field work challenging! This farmer got the air drill stuck in the mud while seeding.