Inn & Livery Stable


Both horses and people needed places to stay overnight when travelling.


The inn (hotel) was a place for travelers to stay and there was usually a stable for the horses to stay in. Most inns also had food and drinks available for the guests.

This is the main street in Macklin, SK with the Empress Hotel on the corner.

This hotel was built in Allan, SK.

Livery Stable (Barn)

People who did not own a horse could come to the livery stable to rent one. Buggies, wagons, and sleighs could also be rented. When someone came to town and planned to stay for a while, the livery stable was the place to leave the horses. Horses who stayed there would have food, water, and shelter provided by those who worked there.

The front of a livery stable is shown with a hand-painted sign that says: Horses and mules - bought, sold, traded, rented.

People could buy, trade, or sell horses at the Livery Stable. 

An illustration of a horse is shown.

The livery stable was also a hotel for horses when travelers came to stay in a town.