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Leaving Saskatchewan


With the drought and the dust storms destroying the Prairies year after year, people became desperate. Unable to provide for themselves, many families faced the difficult decision of relying on government rations or leaving their homesteads in hopes of escaping the terrible conditions. Money and food were very scarce, and many people decided to leave rather than rely on the few rations the government had.

A train is stopped in a small town next to a train station and two elevators.


People started to pack up to leave Saskatchewan during the Great Depression.

Leaving Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan and the rest of the Prairies saw almost 250,000 people leave, most heading to British Columbia and Ontario. Some farmers went north and settled where there was open land to try farming again in an area that is not known for regular periods of drought.


The drought and dust storms became too much for homesteaders so they left Saskatchewan, in search of better living conditions.