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Game farms raise animals such as elk, deer, and bison. They are raised on land that will not grow crops, called pasture land. They raise these animals for meat and trophy hunting.

Two illustrated bison and a baby bison are shown in a green, grassy pasture with a tree and a sunset in the background.

These bison are being raised on a game farm.

A well-lit living room with white walls and a bison hide as the rug, which is the focal point of the room. There is a small wooden shelf and a grey couch along the walls as well as a chandelier on the ceiling.
Game animals are used for a variety of products, including meat, hides, feathers, and antlers.

Year at a Glance

Game animals are less hands-on, as the farmer rarely comes in close contact to the animals. The farmer will feed the animals and make sure the fences do not need any repair daily.

A large steel gate and a tall fence that is attached to it stand in a field, with buffalo in a pasture in the background.

The fences need to be tall and sturdy to keep game animals in.

Game farms are busy during fall hunting seasons in Saskatchewan. Hunters can pay to go to the farm and hunt the game animals and then keep the meat.

Two hunters wear camouflage clothing stand in tall grass so it is hard for animals to see them.

Hunters pay a fee to hunt animals on a game farm.