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The Saskatchewan Wheat Pool


In the early 1900s, Saskatchewan farmers got frustrated with trying to get fair prices for their wheat and in 1923 farmers created the Saskatchewan Wheat Pool. Farmers would sell their wheat to the Wheat Pool and then the Wheat Pool would sell the grain to other countries. This helped farmers get a fair price for their wheat.

The Saskatchewan Wheat Pool was unique because it was a cooperative group of farmers all working together to market their grain

A group of men are working together to build a wooden grain elevator with piles of lumber nearby and a train in the background.

Photo Credit: Western Development Museum

These men are building an elevator in Estevan, SK.


In order to market and sell their wheat, farmers needed grain elevators. Saskatchewan Wheat Pool built many grain elevators all over Saskatchewan. The Saskatchewan Wheat Pool was eventually bought by a different agricultural company.

An illustrated Saskatchewan Wheat Pool logo is shown.

The Saskatchewan Wheat Pool operated from 1923 until 2007 to help farmers get a fair price for their wheat.

An illustrated farmer is using a horse and cart to haul his grain to a grain elevator. There is a train on the railway next to the elevator.

This farmer uses a horse and cart to haul wheat to the closest grain elevator.