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Green Energy

When you think of Green Energy, do you think of solar panels and wind turbines? Great! But you should also think about biogas, biodiesel and biopower! Plant and animal materials used for energy is called biomass. Plant biomass can be used to make biogas and biodiesel, which are used as fuel for vehicles. Biopower is when biomass is burned to create heat or electricity. The future could include using restaurant, industrial, and household compost to create biogas, biodiesel, and biopower. 

An illustrated lightbulb has a plant inside of it. There are symbols for recycle, wind turbines, a cow, wheat, power lines, a world map, connecting people, and a water drop.

There are many creative ways to make green energy!

An illustrated graphic shows how livestock waste, crops, waste water, and food waste can be put into an anaerobic digester, which turns it into biogas and digestate. From there, heat, electricity, and fuel can be made.

Check out how waste can be turned into energy!

Learn about the renewable fuel source, biodiesel.