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Food grown on a conventional farm is healthy and safe. Conventional farmers use all of the tools and technology available to help them farm. Conventional grain farmers use synthetic fertilizers and crop protection products like pesticides to grow their crops in a safe, sustainable way.


An illustrated red tractor is pulling an air drill over a field to seed a crop.

Conventional farmers use chemicals on their farms.

Conventional livestock farmers may use antibiotics to prevent diseases and medicines if their animals get sick. Beef farmers may use hormones to help their beef cattle grow more efficiently.

An illustrated farmer wearing green overalls kneels down to get ready to give a cow a vaccination with the needle he is holding. Many cows stand in line in the pen behind the farmer.

Conventional farms use vaccines to help keep livestock healthy.

Farming Practices

In the spring, farmers plant their fields with seeds and fertilizers. The seed may be coated with a seed treatment to protect the seed from insects and diseases.

The summer is when farmers spray their fields for weeds. The fields are also monitored for insects and diseases and sprayed if needed.

 A green tractor pulls an air seeder to seed the large field.
This farmer is seeding the field using a tractor and air seeder.
An illustrated red farm sprayer has its booms out to each side to spray the field that it is operating in.

Most of the ‘spray’ that comes out of a sprayer is water. Only about one pop can of actual pesticide is sprayed on a football sized field.

The fields can be sprayed to dry out the field so that it is ready for harvest. After harvest, the farmers are busy purchasing inputs such as seed, fertilizers, and chemicals for the upcoming year.

A train is stopped in a small town next to a train station and two elevators.

This farmer is spraying the crop to dry it out for harvest.

A scientist holds a tray of green plants in a laboratory.
All of the chemicals that conventional farmers use have been invented by scientists and approved by the Canadian government.