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Ag Careers Overview


When you think of careers in agriculture, what do you think of?

Which of the careers below do you think are involved in agriculture?

If you chose them all, you are correct! In fact, there are many careers in agriculture! 1 in 8 Canadians work in agriculture, or 4.5 million Canadians (based on a Canadian population of 37 million).

An illustrated farmer, financial planner, ag scientist, and teacher are standing next to each other near cows in a pasture. There is a combine in a canola field in the background.

There are so many exciting careers in agriculture to explore!

Learn more about these careers in agriculture!

Agriculture Scientist

  • Studies plants, animals, soil, and the environment to find out more about them
  • Conducts experiments on crops, animals, and soil in order to find ways to improve farming practices
  • Creates new food products or processing methods based on research
  • Writes reports and shares information with other scientists, farmers, and other people working in agriculture
An ag scientist works with a syringe.

Agriculture Scientist!

Agriculture scientists are very important in improving the productivity and sustainability of field crops and farm animals.


  • Constructs buildings, barns, and animal pens
  • Follows blueprints and building plans
  • Installs structures and fixtures
  • Uses power tools, machines, and construction equipment
A carpenter takes a selfie of himself holding a power drill with a steel building in the background.


Modern agriculture facilities are state of the art and carpenters are very important in building them.

Website Developer

  • Works with people and companies in agriculture to make websites – like this one!
  • Designs the appearance, layout, and flow of websites
  • Creates content using graphics, animation, and software
  • Tests for website security and quality
A man sits in a restaurant by a laptop and cup of coffee.

Website Developer!

Website developers are very important in making websites that let Canadians learn what’s new in agriculture.


  • Teaches students about agriculture and the food they eat
  • Plans, prepares, and delivers learning materials, lessons, and activities to educate students in school
  • Works with students to improve their skills and abilities
A woman holds small plants as she stands next to a poster about growing plants.


Educators create opportunities for students to learn about the food they eat, where it comes from, and the importance of agriculture.

Crop Farmer

  • Grows food for people and feed for animals
  • Sometimes, the crop byproducts provide fuel for our vehicles, or products that we use for other purposes
  • Researches and purchase seeds to plant for the season
  • Prepares soil for planting
  • Prepares machinery for use in the field, and maintain it year-round
  • Manages crops throughout the growing season, and arrange for someone to buy and transport them after harvesting
  • Learns about new scientific studies about crop, soil, environment, and machinery
Two farmers stand in a green field, closely examining plants.

Crop Farmer!

Crop farmers are responsible for all crops that are needed for us to survive.

Livestock Farmer

  • Raises animals for food
  • Sometimes, the livestock byproducts are made into products that we use such as leather, wool, and medicine
  • Makes sure animals are always healthy and safe
  • Prepares machinery for use in the field, and maintain it year-round
  • Grows feed, provide vaccinations, and make sure animals are happy
  • Maintains fences, clean stalls, and fill hay and straw storage for the winter
  • Organizes the sale, purchase, and transportation of livestock
A farmer wearing a cowboy hat poses for a photo in front of a group of cows that stand in a pasture in the background.

Livestock Farmer!

Livestock farmers are responsible for the livestock animals’ survival.

Financial Planner

  • Works with businesses and people to understand their financial situations and make plans for their future
  • Helps their clients make a budget
  • Studies financial trends and patterns worldwide
  • Understands their clients’ goals
A man in a suit holds a tablet with graphs on it as he talks to a couple that sit across the table.

Financial Planner!

There are unique aspects to farm planning that require the expertise of a financial planner. A financial planner is important in ensuring farms stay financially sustainable.

Agriculture Engineer

  • Integrates engineering science and design with biological science to solve problems in agriculture and food
  • Helps to make sure that farming is sustainable, safe, and environmentally friendly
  • Solves problems related to how much supplies are used, the efficiency of farm machines, the use of structures and facilities, and reducing pollution
  • Understands their clients’ goals and set budgets for them
A man is works next to two computer screens with tires on one of the screens. He has a calculator next to him as he writes on paper.

Agriculture Engineer!

Agriculture engineers help to make sure agriculture and the food industry are sustainable, safe, and environmentally friendly.