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1640-1840: 2nd wave


Stewards of the Land

When settlers and fur traders began to arrive on the Prairies, First Nations peoples were the caretakers of the land. The First Nations people respected the land very much and lived in careful balance with the land. They relied on the land and animals for hunting, trapping, and fishing.

Sharing Knowledge

The fur trade provided the first contact between European and First Nations people in the West. The relationship between the First Nations people and the fur traders was very important. First Nations people provided very important knowledge about finding food, weather patterns, and water locations. They also shared information about the healing properties of local plants, roots, and herbs.

An illustrated First Nations person is setting poles on a dog to be pulled, while a White man watches and learns.

The First Nations people shared knowledge with the settlers.

The settlers and fur traders depended on First Nations people to act as their guides, to bring them furs and food, and to offer them information about travel routes. All of this information was essential to the fur traders surviving on the Prairies.