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Dale Wourme

Dale Worme is from the Kawacatoose First Nation, #88, Touchwood Agency Tribal Council, Treaty 4. Dale grew up with his grandfather on the Kawacatoose First Nation; his grandfather stressed the importance of education because of what he considered his “lack of western education” and his ability to deal with the Indian Agent. Dale went on to receive his post-secondary education, a Bachelor of Science in Geology, at the University of Regina. He has been employed by various natural resource companies and with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. During the last part of his career in Agriculture, Dale also farmed on the Kawacatoose First Nation. Dale believes many First Nations still practise an education that is rooted in their local environment – the culture, the economy, music, and history of their communities. It is place-based; based on direct experience and reflection which increases knowledge, develops skills, clarifies values, and develops a person’s capacity to contribute to their communities.