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Chantel Heintz

Keeping this project on track was no easy feat with so many people and steps involved but Chantel managed to do so!

Chantel grew up on a mixed farm in southern Saskatchewan and always felt it was the neatest experience. She got to experience the hard work that goes into producing the food that feeds the world. Chantel is a graduate of the University of Saskatchewan with a Bachelor of Commerce. She loves eating well and cooking with quality ingredients and appreciates every farmer that is working hard to provide the wide variety of foods that we are so fortunate to have access to. She believes we feel so much better when we’re feeding our bodies with good food, but the starting point for this journey is to know where our food comes from. And that’s where Agriculture in the Classroom comes in – to inspire kids to learn about the importance of agriculture and its impact locally and globally. Chantel now lives in Calgary, Alberta and is a proud wife to Cam, and a mother of three sweet kids: Bennett, Sullivan, and Quinn. She loves sharing her passion of cooking, baking, growing indoor plants, doing house projects, exploring her own local backyard, and staying active with her family.